About us

My name is Brian Grayson. I’ve been a member of the Billings community for over 26 years and the owner of Mr. G’s Quality construction for seven years. My company, Mr. G’s performs a wide variety of construction work and general handyman services. I’ve worked on bathrooms, roofs, siding, and many other areas of the typical home. For the last 3 years I have done a pretty fair amount of work recommended by home inspectors for realtors in town as they prepare to close on the sale of the new home. This background will enable me to more effectively spot issues that may be present in your new home and save you the aggravation of having to deal with them later on. My purpose in starting the company was to assist people as they make the largest purchase of their lives by spotting issues they may not see. This can save time and money both now and down the road.

I am accredited as a home inspector and radon tester through the InterNACHI certification program and fully licensed and registered.

I’ve been married for almost 24 years and I have two awesome kids, Isaiah age ten, and Amanda, age 12 (almost 13)